announcing MY 2016 courses!

Advanced Digital Immersion (click HERE to view curriculum and to register)

Next round starts Saturday May 7, limited to 5, $220

Course includes: Two 30 minute course lecture videos, two 30 minute audios (the first and third weeks contain videos, the second and fourth weeks contain audios) and Course Manual.

Perfectly Imperfect (click HERE to view curriculum and to sign up)


From my Mini-Cours series, created to build your confidence with and understanding of the perfectly imperfect dance between le passé composé and l'imparfait. For busy lovers of the French language whose tongue ties up when faced with telling stories or relaying information in the past tense. Just kick back, schedule 2 hours of 'me time' during your weekend and let me take care of the rest.... Because 'French time' is the new 'me time' ;)

Course includes: Course Manual and 90 minutes of audio guidance containing exercises and examples pinpointing potential 'translation trap' slips and highlighting the path to having a more intuitive, native understanding of not just when one tense is preferred over another, but, more importantly, how it changes the atmosphere surrounding communication.

Say Bon, C’est Bon (click HERE to view curriculum and to sign up)


A ten day audio program with written component focused on beautiful pronunciation of the most common vowels, consonants, and liaison patterns in French. 

Course includes: A daily ten minute audio on my private SoundCloud page, containing pronunciation practice and vocabulary building exercises. Delivered directly to your inbox with its accompanying Companion Text outlining that day's vocabulary list and sound pattern.

Basics for Beginners (click HERE to view curriculum and to register)


A four week course created for those craving a taste of the most beautiful language on earth, yet who are intimidated by it. An excellent prep course for French Is Beautiful Université.

Course includes: Delivered to your inbox every Saturday, a ten minute video posted to my private Vimeo channel outlining that week's vocab, pronunciation and / or grammar discussion (course lecture videos are accessible throughout the course and until March 11) plus its accompanying ten minute pronunciation and memorization exercise audio. Also includes a Digital Immersion Guide (a custom-curated collection of the best of French music, blogs, videos, and news sources available to you via the internet to make French part of your daily life, wherever you are in the world) and Course Manual.

French Is Beautiful Université 

March 5 - August 19 (6 months), limited to 22

A six month course designed to guide you to feeling fluent asap, we cover only the most relevant points of modern French language and at a pace that integrates easily into your busy life. The estimated weekly time commitment for this course is 3 hours.

Three payment options are available:

$370 per month (click HERE to view curriculum and to register)

$1920 if paid in full ($500 to hold your place, remainder due by March 5; click HERE to view curriculum and to register)

$450 per month with 1 hour of online Private Coaching with me per month (click HERE to view curriculum and to register)

Course includes: One 30 minute course lecture video posted to my private Vimeo channel every Saturday (course lecture videos are accessible throughout the course and until September 1), Q&A with me via email, 200+ page Course Manual (containing lecture notes as well as written, listening and speaking assignments), a weekly Digital Immersion Guide delivered to your inbox every Saturday (custom-curated by me, a digital French culture immersion experience with film clips, interviews, radio stations, news, blogs, music, poetry and more), and the 30 minute audio that accompanies each Digital Immersion Guide (practice your listening and speaking comprehension as you read along with or repeat after me as I read from prose referenced in that week's Digital Immersion Guide; posted to my private SoundCloud page).