photo prise par    Abby Ingwersen

photo prise par Abby Ingwersen

As a fluent non-native speaker who spent years in the classroom learning French grammar and later studying French literature at U.C. Berkeley and the Sorbonne (as well as classical piano at L'École Normale de Musique in Paris) before obtaining real-world fluency, Carrie Anne knows precisely which aspects of the French language are perceived to be the most difficult and which aspects of French culture are the most mystifying. She focuses on those aspects in order to coach you to feeling fluent and expressing your full personality in French as quickly as possible.

She has a licence (the French undergraduate degree) in philosophy from the Sorbonne and a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from U.C. Berkeley ; she is currently a candidate in the masters program in philosophy at the Sorbonne.

She was granted the Passeport Talent visa from the French Consulate in San Francisco in 2015 to take French is Beautiful to Paris.