Starts ONLINE September 5th!

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A three month online course designed to give you a thorough introduction to the most relevant points of the French language, at a pace that is easy to keep up with alongside your professional life. This class is the first part of the French Is Beautiful 6 month program. Levels 2 - 4 are each 1 month long.

Topics covered include: verb conjugations, pronunciation, asking questions, greetings, definite & indefinite articles, slang, adjectives and vocabulary building (including faux amis et vrais amis - false cognates & true cognates).

Includes access to weekly lectures posted to my password-protected Vimeo channel every Saturday at 12am PST, Q&A with me via email, written, listening and speaking assignments, a French pop culture digital immersion experience guide with films, TV shows, radio, news, blogs, articles, magazines (and more), as well as 1 hour of private coaching via FaceTime or Skype.

Estimated weekly time commitment: 3 hours

All clients receive a 50% discount on private coaching upon course completion.

$1100 if paid in full*. $450 if paid monthly ($1350).

*50% discount offered to graduates of High School Déjà Vu if paid in full.