Bonjour à tous! 

Do you dream about working for a French company? Fantasize about working in France? 

I am delighted to announce that I have teamed up with the lovely Allison Lounes of Paris Unraveled to not only prep your business français, but to also coach your French CV, cover letter and interview style to excellence AND to provide you with a one-stop all-inclusive guide to French visas (and how to get them!). You can attend virtually or live in Paris, details below. I am thrilled to offer this exceptional workshop to help you to live out your dream of working in France, just as I am living out mine.

Avec mes sincères salutations,

Carrie Anne


Seeking employment in France

Considering moving to France

Changing employment in France

Contemplating entrepreneurship in France

Pursuing employment with a French multinational abroad or in France


Knowledge of the different kinds of visas that enable you to work in France and how to get them.

Peace of mind concerning your options for seeking or changing employment in France as a foreign employee. 

Easiest pathways to obtaining the right to work in France.

Templates for French style curriculum vitae and cover letters.

Headshot tips (and why your photo is part of your French CV).

Clarity on your French visa options, how to obtain them and their renewal.

Practical familiarity with formal French business vocabulary for a variety of industries (with a special focus on those of the participants).

Clearer understanding of written as well as in-person French business communication.

Knowledge of French employment contracts.

Rights and responsibilities of employees in France.


Saturday, May 7th. 9am - 6:30pm.


La meeting room OR virtually!

7, rue de la Tour d'Auvergne, 75009. Métro: Cadet, Gare du Nord, Anvers, Saint-Georges.


2 pricing options:

185 euros to attend live in Paris. 95 euros to receive the workshop audios and written materials in PDF form, delivered via email.

Participants are eligible to receive additional one-on-one coaching with Allison and Carrie Anne post-workshop at a discounted rate.


Click HERE to sign-up or email for more info.