The Magical Power of Bonjour ?

French for Paris will show you not just how to speak French, but how to say things the French way. It will teach you the cultural ins & outs of Parisian communication styles, such as the magical powers of bonjour and the many meanings of s'il vous plaît.

My method is as straightforward as preparing a tiny part in a school play and feels as natural as memorizing the lyrics to your favorite song.

By covering a variety of the responses that you will hear in Paris, I teach you to improvise in conversation, not just imitate questions and phrases.

And you'll receive a guide to my personal favorite cafés, walks, shopping, museums, clubs, bars and restaurants in Paris.


4 thirty minute audio lessons & 2 bonus lessons

Course Companion Text (50+ pages of audio transcripts)

My French is Beautiful, Paris is Amazing Guide Book


The Métro & Arrondissements | Getting Around Paris 

Shopping | Cafés, Bars & Restaurants

Bonus Lessons:  Flirting in French Traveling with Kids*


The 4 thirty minute audio lessons, Paris guide, companion text & 2 bonus audio lessons are just $300.

Click HERE to enjoy French for Paris and start prepping for your lead role in a dream trip to Paris.

*The Traveling with Kids audio script was proudly designed in collaboration with twin mom, designer, blogger & Francophile Susan Hutchinson. Follow her journey to French fluency at Fleurishing.

Carrie Anne James, Photo by Journey Into La Ville Lumière