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My 4 week online intensive course is a one-of-a-kind solution for those who took French for at least one year in college or in high school for at least 2 years who want to refresh their knowledge without the hassle of starting in a beginner's program. It's efficient, comprehensive and modern, with original Paris-based content.

It's also appropriate for highly-motivated beginners looking to dive into their French Journey.

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How it works:

A custom-curated Digital Immersion Guide is delivered to your email inbox every week (email for your free sample), including links to French music, blogs, films & more. A thirty minute audio file accompanies each Digital Immersion Guide, containing me reading an article from the guide at three different paces: quickly like a native, moderately to emphasize each word (sans liaison) and then separated into short phrases allowing you to repeat each after me for further speaking practice. Thirty minute video lectures on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are posted weekly on my private Vimeo channel* for your viewing throughout the course. Homework assignments and course content notes are included in your 100 page Course Manual. A personalized and private experience, I'm available for Q&A via email throughout your class. Better than any audio or software program out there, guaranteed. Optional private coaching sessions with me take place at your convenience via Skype or FaceTime, directly from Paris.

Topics covered include:

Pronunciation | The Subjunctive | Listening Comprehension | Le Passé Composé | L'Imparfait | excerpts from French For Paris | The Future Tense | Definite & Indefinite Articles | Negation | Commands | Qui Que & Où | Slang | Vocabulary Building Techniques


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*Access to the videos is yours for 8 weeks. The Course Manual, audio tracks and Digital Immersion Guides are yours forever.