"If I needed to learn French, Carrie Anne would be my coach." - Julien Azarian, Founder of the Instagram sensation @frenchwords 

"Carrie Anne is a French master. She helped me prepare for my role in 'The Hundred-Foot Journey', which we shot in France." - Manish Dayal, Actor

"Fantastic course - I recommend High School Déjà Vu to anyone looking to dust off their French and get some of the latest slang. Can't wait to take it for a spin on my next trip to Paris!" - Murray Hidary, Founder of eBillityPrimary Insight & iAmplify

"I have done beautifully here in Paris. I owe my confident sense of French fluency to Carrie Anne." - Manny Rey, Actor, 'Breaking Bad'

"I cannot believe how much more I am able to recognize as I watch and listen even after just a few short weeks of coaching with Carrie Anne!" - Heidi Otta, Photographer

"Class was super helpful tonight out on the town in Biarritz...Carrie Anne is the best French teacher I've ever had!" - Allison Surowitz, Attorney

"Carrie Anne has created an amazing immersion experience for people who love everything French. She knows exactly what makes French so intimidating to learn and somehow makes those exact things feel very easy." - Meredith Mazur, Pharmaceutical Sales

"I learned more in 4 weeks than I have in months using Rosetta Stone and I am so much more confident now in my speaking ability thanks to Carrie Anne." - Molly Badzinski, Designer, Fancy Fêtes

"Carrie Anne is a spirited person who is changing the world, one French word at a time." - Chris Fetchko, Film Producer