Basics for Beginners


Basics for Beginners


*This self-study course now comes with two bonus audios :

2 vowel pronunciation drills + a ONE HOUR RECORDING of one of my 2017 coaching calls!


1 hour of video instruction

2+ hours of audio instruction

Course Manual

A digital course created for those craving a taste of the most beautiful language on earth, yet who are intimidated by it. An excellent prep course for French Is Beautiful Université. Divided into 4 sections, it is recommended to be completed over 4 weeks.

Topics include:

How to learn French efficiently, French manners & mentality, greetings & farewells, pronunciation, questions, first verbs, the gender of French nouns, basic travel French, adjectives and vocabulary building.

Course includes:

4 ten minute videos posted to my private Vimeo channel outlining each week's vocab, pronunciation and / or grammar discussion plus its accompanying ten minute pronunciation and memorization exercise audio. Also includes a Digital Immersion Guide (a custom-curated collection of the best of French music, blogs, videos, and news sources available to you via the internet to make French part of your daily life, wherever you are in the world) and Course Manual.

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