Copy of Learn French Online
Copy of Learn French Online



For G R A D U A T E S of my 4 week COMPREHENSIVE Course!

Because repeated exposure and uninterrupted engagement with the most beautiful language on Earth is what leads us to fluidity, I am offering graduates of this course a spot in the next one - to review, to re-engage, to meet more aspiring Francophones + to connect more deeply to the material the 2nd time around.

As a grad, for just $110, you will have a spot in the BLEU level of the class, including access to the LIVE coaching calls, new Facebook group, the 'pause CAFÉ' quiz emails, any updates to the Course Manual or Audios + access to each course's freshly-created videos, made just for you à Paris ( + perhaps beyond en France ... ! ).

LIKE I ALWAYS SAY : Learn French once, speak it forever. 

Don't let the relationship you have created with French thus far slip away; nothing is more frustrating than 're-learning'.

I'm here for you, for your French Journey - let's keep it flowing!

Estimated weekly time commitment: 3+ hours


PLEASE NOTE that as this course is delivered digitally, there are no refunds. 

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