4 Week Comprehensive + Private Coaching

Learn French Online
Learn French Online

4 Week Comprehensive + Private Coaching


This course runs December 9 - January 5, 2017.

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The 4 week comprehensive is a program that is dear to my heart as it is the very first one that I created as part of the French is Beautiful collection of online courses + audio programs.

Available at three different levels of personalization ( called Bleu, Blanc + Rouge, more on this below ), it is a four week online course perfect for anyone looking for :

An online program with a personable coach in Paris.

Content that is modern + connected to French culture.

A fast, fun + complete overview of the essentials of the most beautiful language on Earth.

A refresher course to polish off their dusty French.

A beginner’s deep dive into la langue française ( the French language ).

A refreshing + effective approach to teaching French from an American who became fluent in French through classroom studies + living in France.

Mastery of the French R + modern spoken French.

Tricks for overcoming the parts of French that intimidate you the most ( I was once in your shoes and created all of my programs in the spirit of designing the classes that I wish had existed when I was learning ).

In just four weeks, this course will have you feeling deeply familiar with the French language, connected to French culture and like a Parisian insider. You will leave the class knowing exactly what to say in your next French conversation, feeling confident about ordering 'en français' and able to incorporate reading French blogs + enjoying French music and films more easily into your independent French studies.


The French R

The 33 most commonly used verbs in the following verb conjugations : present tense, l’imparfait, le passé composé, the future, the conditional, the subjunctive + commands

Pronunciation tricks + drills

Travel French

French vowel sounds


Conversation practice

Gender rules for nouns

Asking questions in French

Greetings + la politesse

Definite & indefinite articles

Adjectives + adverbs

Vocabulary building cheats + tips ( including faux amis et vrais amis - false cognates and true cognates )

Listening comprehension


- 1 hour of lecture videos showcasing my favorite spots in Paris posted to my password-protected Vimeo channel.

- 3 hours of audio materials for study + practice posted to my private SoundCloud channel ( including verb conjugations, listening + speaking practice, French R practice, French vowel exercises and more ).

- Written, listening and speaking assignments in your 100+ page Course Manual PDF ( including an answer key so that you can self-correct immediately ).

- 2 live group coaching calls for Q + A and conversation practice accessible locally throughout the world.

- Private class Facebook page ( you will love your new favorite Francophile community! ).

- FUN ( oui, fun! ) quiz emails sent Monday - Friday to keep you on track.

- Final project : Exactly what you will want to say in your next French conversation.

- 100+ page Course Manual ( in PDF form )

- PLUS ... A sneak peak into my Dream in French and Paris Méditations programs coming in 2018!

I will also use my weekly French content roundup newsletter ( French Weekend - sign up for yours for free on the site! ) to facilitate discussions and ways to make French part of your every day life in our class’ private Facebook page.

*Yours for life.


You will receive your Course Manual and invitation to join the Facebook page via email on Saturday, September 9. 

Every Saturday, you will receive the audio + video materials for that week.

Quiz emails will be sent Monday - Friday.

If signed up for the BLANC option ( see below ), you will receive my written feedback on Mondays.

The 2 group coaching calls will be scheduled once registration is full in an effort to meet the needs of the class’ overall location. They will be accessible locally and their recordings will be sent to you the following Saturday.

Estimated weekly time commitment: 3+ hours

BLEU : $550 ( click HERE to sign-up for this option )

Access to all of the above-mentioned content.

The audio, written and video materials + coaching calls are valued at $850, but I‘ve lowered the price point to make it more accessible - part of my mission in creating these courses is also building community ( you will love the new Francophile friends that you will make in the Facebook page! ). 

BLANC : $950 ( click HERE to choose this option )

3 out of 5 spots left!

All of the above-mentioned content PLUS my weekly written feedback on your speaking / written assignments during the timeframe of the course delivered by email.

I’ve added a written feedback option to this course as my students in my Université series loved it so much ( especially my feedback on your audio recordings - I will help you make the simple adjustments that create major progress ). Every week, I will sit with all of your homework ( written and recorded ) and thoughtfully write out my feedback on the areas that are standing out as challenges - both with grammar and pronunciation.

Student have shared with me that they feel as if I am sitting in the room with them as they read it - that’s how detailed and personal it is. I clear my schedule to be able to sit with your work + focus on your progress every Monday.

ROUGE : $1600 ( click PURCHASE below to choose this option )

1 spot available

All of the above-mentioned content ( including my weekly written feedback ) PLUS 3 hours of private coaching with me ( to be used during the four week online course - sessions expire thereafter ).

This option is perfect for anyone preparing for an upcoming trip to France or a work / life event requiring French proficiency.

Online coaching takes place via Skype or Facetime.


PLEASE NOTE that as this course is delivered digitally, there are no refunds. Kindly enjoy the above free audio and video materials and visit my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud accounts for more free content to determine if I am the right coach for you before making your purchase.

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