Managing Your Money like the French


Managing Your Money like the French


Love your money (and yourself) the French way.

French Finances is an inspiring program for Francophiles seeking the personal freedom that comes from living with money the French way.

From the course e-book’s introduction :

‘… a dive into the roles that l’argent (money) plays in French culture in the following domains : image, communication, creativity, style, balance and self-care. Undoubtedly, some of my points de vue (viewpoints) will surprise you. My intention is to impart to you the French finances paradigm - one that makes living in the present and spending according to your objectifs (goals) feel chic. One that demands self-respect and clear communication. One that rewards you in more ways than one.’

Kindly enjoy testimonials from amazing women that have experienced this course below : 

I am so glad I signed up for French Finances! The lessons felt like deep conversations in a French salon, uncovering layers of fascinating information. I received so much clarity from this course.

- Stephanie, Louisiana

It’s like Deepak Chopra teaching French.

- Melanie, New York

French Finances was an inspiring course and different than anything I have seen on this topic! Carrie Anne has a gift for making sense of what she sees in French culture and translating it into something that is absorbable and easy to apply. My new mantra is "I am curating my life", not "I don't have enough money". I do have money - I just need to focus it on the areas that mean the most to me - it feels more empowering! Thanks for creating this for us.

- Nicole, Canada

An exploration of the energy, beliefs and actions tied to the art of spending and saving in French culture, French Finances is an empowering program for Francophiles around the world.

Credit cards in France are attractive only for airplane miles. France is a cash-based society and the result is an inspiring, constructive way of relating to, managing and living with money that takes much of the emotional charge out of it when compared to anglophone society. From not buying that extra pair of shoes, to how much to spend on your friend’s birthday gift, to wiping out the last of your credit card debt, to saving for vacation or homeownership, French Finances will change the way you live with money from the inside out. You will finish inspired to control your finances, instead of letting them control you. Money will no longer be an uncomfortable topic - whether with yourself internally or with your friends or family. 

Personal finances may even become your new passion as you realize your creative financial power.

Kindly enjoy testimonials from the inspired women that experienced Carrie Anne’s recent French culture & personal development course, French Confidence, below : 

French Confidence is a wonderfully unique course offered by French is Beautiful in which Carrie Anne shares the discoveries she's made in her exploration of some of the mysteries of the life and culture of French women. With the gentle, caring guidance that she brings to all of her courses, you may find upon inner reflection that you will discover incredible facets of yourself as a woman as well. I highly recommend this course to women of any age. 

- Peg, Connecticut

The French Confidence course pushed me to examine my beliefs on beauty, well-being, and the concept of being unapologetic. Since completing the course, I'm apologizing less for being me and am feeling more bien dans ma peau.

- Melissa, Washington, D.C.

French Confidence was a wonderful journey that taught me to reflect on my inner dialogue as well as the way I carry myself in the world. As someone drawn to the slow French life and as a French language student, I found myself appreciating Carrie Anne not only as an exceptional French teacher, but as a life coach imparting the wisdom of the je ne sais quoi of Paris and beyond. Lovely experience that I will carry with me as I become more comfortable saying ‘je suis bien dans ma peau’ with the confidence of a French woman meandering down a delicious cobble stone street, baguette in hand, red lips shimmering. 

- Lauri, New York

I truly enjoyed the French Confidence course. As a Francophile, I was able to learn more about why I'm so captured by the French culture. It was fantastic to engage with Carrie Anne's inspiring guidance throughout the course.

- Catherine, Australia 

Carrie Anne is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Her approach is genuine, clear, concise, beautiful, and quite frankly, unique. She knows the inner workings of the French mind, culture, and language from the inside out, and makes it all a breeze to learn and understand, and above all, apply. She's an absolute gem. Not only do I highly recommend her to anyone interested in all things French with my eyes closed, I'd take any course she offers that pertains to the French culture, lifestyle, and the likes. Thank you, Carrie Anne, for the absolute beauty you create.

- Isabelle, Canada

This course is a wonderful insight into how French women view themselves and how they live their lives to support themselves and give themselves confidence. Carrie Anne has a wonderful way of articulating her thoughts and in such a gentle way. Highly recommend for any woman wanting to explore what gives a French Woman that je ne sais quoi. 

- Victoria, New Zealand

Carrie Anne has brought a gentle voice and clarity to me as a woman and mother that I haven’t been able to do myself. She does a great job offering thoughtful questions to bring one’s own thinking to concepts. Merci!

- Amanda, Chicago

Such a meaningful experience! Carrie Anne's insight is so thoughtful, kind, and full of respect for both French and anglophone cultures. The course was so timely and fun for me personally, a good mix of helpful, inspiring, and interesting!

- Emily, South Carolina

French Confidence was a lovely course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves French culture. I plan on someday going to France and this will help me immensely understand the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the French! Merci, Carrie Anne!!

- Susan, Minnesota 

For a taste of the tone of the course and of Carrie Anne’s insights, please enjoy her podcast, The Paris Lessons, by clicking HERE.

How do the French relate to money?

As a neutral force intended for productive use, not as a way of demonstrating love or of creating an image. This is why we hear things like ‘quality over quantity’ in discussions about French culture, this is why the famous ‘French capsule wardrobe’ exists. Prepare to take a clear, gentle look at how you relate to money and how you allow outside influences to lead you to make financial decisions that are not raisonnables ( practical ). Prepare to feel libérée ( liberated ) from your current money paradigm in a way you didn’t imagine possible. 

In this 4 part inspirational, personal-growth focused, experience, Carrie Anne candidly shares her how her money paradigm has shifted since moving to France three years ago. She outlines powerful changes in the way she manages her personal finances and the deeply impactful, yet simple, shifts that she has implemented in how she relates to money on a daily basis. 

She will discuss her journey in Paris of learning how to relate to money in a less emotionally-charged way, of discovering the empowering pleasure of seeing it as a resource for creativity, of transmuting resistance to money management ( success ) into a passion for it, and much, much more. She shares all of the lessons she has learned from the French people along her journey, from French culture at large and from life in Paris.

Course includes: 

Your 40 page e-book is divided into 4 lessons, each with their corresponding audio recordings, containing Carrie Anne’s personal story of how French culture and life in Paris have evolved her relationship with money management. Relevant French culture and language lessons are sewn throughout the e-book, guiding you to live with money the French way.


90+ minutes of audio materials (including meditations, lesson guides and relevant French words and expressions)

Course e-book (40 pages in PDF form)

Who is it for?

This course is for every Francophile who is interested in living with money the French way.

Who is it not for?

This course is not for anyone looking for a French grammar course - check out Basics for Beginners, Comprehensive and / or private coaching with Carrie Anne if that is what you are looking for.

For a taste of the tone of the course and of Carrie Anne’s insights, please enjoy her podcast, The Paris Lessons, by clicking HERE.


Access: Lifetime

Duration: Divided into four parts, it is designed to use at your own pace.

Content delivery: You will receive a link to download your 40 page e-book (and its embedded audio links) upon completion of your purchase.

Commitment time: 90 minutes minimum per part recommended

Level: There is no pre-requisite for having studied French for this course.

Audio: 90+ minutes of audio materials (including meditations, lesson guides and French vocabulary)

E-book: 40 pages containing the links to your audios, your audio recordings’ vocabulary and Carrie Anne’s personal experiences uncovering the French way of living with money.


As a fluent non-native speaker who spent years in the classroom learning French grammar and later studying French literature at U.C. Berkeley and La Sorbonne, as well as classical piano at L'École Normale de Musique in Paris before obtaining real-world fluency, she knows precisely which aspects of the French language are perceived to be the most difficult and which aspects of French culture are the most mystifying. Carrie Anne focuses on those aspects in order to coach you to feeling fluent and expressing your full personality in French as quickly as possible. 


- How long does the course run?  As long as you need! It is designed to be used at your own pace.

- How much time do I need to set aside for the course? We suggest setting aside 90 minutes of enjoyment per lesson.

- Is there homework? Oui, there are prompts and exercises meant to guide you to incorporate the French way of living with money into your own life.

- Will I be graded? Non.

- Will I receive personalized feedback on my work and progress? Non, but we welcome you to share your experience with Carrie Anne via social media.

- Do I need to be online at certain times in order to participate? No. The beauty of this course is that you can take it with you to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection.

- Will I have access to all of the course's content at once? Oui.

- Do I need to already know French to participate? If so, how much? None whatsoever. If you would like to learn the basics (or review them as a first step towards getting back into your French), then kindly have a look at our Basics for Beginners program. 

- What if I don't love it? As this course is delivered completely digitally, returns and/or refunds are not available. We encourage you to enjoy all of the available free content on this site, including our InstagramFacebookTwitter and SoundCloud accounts for more free content, to determine if Carrie Anne’s method and coaching style are right for you before making your purchase.

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