Group French Class in Paris

Carrie Anne James French is Beautiful Learn French online Paris 5.jpg
Carrie Anne James French is Beautiful Learn French online Paris 5.jpg

Group French Class in Paris


NOVEMBER CLASS IS NOW FULL - please contact Carrie Anne about joining in December!

TUESDAYS from 7-8pm

French is Beautiful group French classes have officially arrived à Paris !

Kindly enjoy our students’ experiences below :

Not only are Carrie Anne's explanations regarding the vagaries of the French language most illuminating, but her top tips regarding the ins and outs and absolute 'faux pas’ of living 'la vie parisienne' are invaluable.

- Anna, Paris

This was the best French class I've ever had in my life! Thank you so much for leading me into this experience with such kindness and ease. C’était parfait. Feeling so inspired by the incredible women French is Beautiful brings together.

- Alanna, Paris

A French class unlike any other and the supportive French-learning & French-practicing community that your Francophile soul has been searching for in Paris.

Carrie Anne is passionate about helping the anglophone expat community in Paris to not miss out on the beautiful nuances and enriching experiences that life in France offers when one embraces French language and culture.

The classes are centered around French conversation - come and have ALL of your questions about the French you are hearing in Paris and all of your cultural misunderstandings answered.

Classes take place in the 3rd arrondissement in a chic, feminine, Parisian space hand-selected by Carrie Anne.

Who is this class for? This class is for all levels of learners - it is the place to use and improve your French with Carrie Anne, your opportunity to ( finally ) break through the glass ceiling of your French in Paris.

Kindly note that as this is a live event, there are no refunds. No refunds for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice. Students with more than one no-show will not be admitted.

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