French is Beautiful Université Part 2


French is Beautiful Université Part 2



Course curriculum:

In Part 2, we dive into the details of the most beautiful language on Earth together.

In the first month, we cover pronunciation in further detail, build our vocabulary, introduce l'accord, the pronouns y en, prepositions, the future tense, direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, and le passé composé, the subjunctive and l'imparfait (continued).

In the second month, we cover l'accord in greater detail, the conditional tense and the plus-que-parfait tense. We continue our discussion of y and en, the subjunctive, reflexive verbs, direct & indirect object pronouns and the dance between le passé composé and l'imparfait

In the third month, we cover the future and plus-que-parfait tenses in their everyday use, as well as review the use of all verb tenses addressed in the first 5 months of Université in preparation for the final exam and project. I will guide you to write and refine a monologue describing you (your interests, your life) to be used in a casual French 'get to know you' conversation. We will work on beautifully pronouncing (and memorizing) your monologue for you to have in your back pocket the next time that you make a French friend. With this tool, you won't have anxiety about striking up a conversation in French again, I promise.

The estimated weekly time commitment for this course is 3 hours.

Course includes:

12 ten minute videos from my Feel Parisian series (one per week) showcasing la vie parisienne, one 30 minute audio lecture delivered to you digitally every Saturday, one live 60 minute group coaching call per week including one of my Paris Meditations (a guided walk through the City of Lights) accessible locally throughout the world, your Course Manual (containing lecture notes as well as written, listening and speaking assignments) and one Digital Immersion Guide delivered weekly to your inbox plus Listening Notes (custom-curated by me, a digital French culture immersion experience with film clips, interviews, radio stations, news, blogs, music, poetry and more). Also includes access to one email per week with me (outside of technical support) and private Facebook group.

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