l'art de VIVRE

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l'art de VIVRE


Please enjoy one élève's review of this course HERE + stay tuned for more online C U L T U R E courses coming in 2017 !

This course runs August 12 - September 8, 2017.

N E W ... n o u v e a u !

And a very special surprise awaits the first three sign-ups ...

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New to my style story + coaching style? Want a taste? S’il vous plaît, enjoy these :

FREE audio lesson : French Brands + Proper Names ( from my French Pronunciation self-study program ), click HERE.

FREE coaching call : Hair, make-up + personal style; In this 1 hour+ talk, I dive into detail about how becoming Parisian has transformed my haircare, make-up + personal style ( and share some of my favorite products, as well as my beauty routine ). Click HERE

FREE coaching call : Beauty, love, wellness + style; In this 30+ minute talk, I describe the internal ( confidence + relationships ) + external ( style + beauty ) transformations that French culture and being a Parisian have inspired in me. Click HERE

INTERVIEW : I discuss my style story + how speaking French set me free with Amanda Randone of Where To Get. Click HERE

FREE video lecture : A walk through the Tuileries + a discussion of dressing, relaxing + communicating, FRENCH style ( from my July COMPREHENSIVE course ), click HERE

Our 4 week online journey together will explore the French style of living through : beauty, style, love + wellness.

I will share with you the inspiring ways in which French culture has transformed me during my 2 years living in Paris and nearly 20 years living with French culture.

And expect surprise interviews on some of these topics with Frenchies I have encountered along the way ...


B E A U T Y : The French have a beautiful way of creating beauty from the inside out. THIS is why theirs seems so 'effortless' to us. It comes from confidence, from not gilding the lily, not from seeking approval, but rather, seeking self-respect. That said, it is anything but 'effortless'. I'll show you how, from how to have 'French girl hair' to what to leave out of your make-up routine.*

S T Y L E : Style is how we carry ourselves in the world. French style is chic because it is minimalist, it is memorable because it is well-planned, it is a success because it values quality over quantity. Style isn't just how we dress - it is how we dress OURSELVES. You will never want to 'dress to impress' again after this course - you will want to dress for the world to see you for who you are.*

L O V E : Friendships, romance + family. I will share how the French create time for eachother + the elements of a relationship that they value the most. We will also look at their transparent, confident communication style in this section. You will discover an easier way of expressing yourself with a renewed connection to your desires, FRENCH style.

W E L L N E S S : Work-life balance? What is the answer to this seemingly never-ending riddle? What if the problem wasn't the answer, but the question itself? This is what living in France has taught me + I cannot wait to share it with you - it is a game-changer! I'll share how I have learned to stop 'taking time' + started 'creating time'.

B O N U S topics : How to host an intimate cocktail hour, French style, and the one FRENCH recipe that every Francophile should ( + can! ) have in their back pocket. You'll adorer their chic minimalism ;)

*Please note that French is Beautiful is not sponsored by any brands - you will receive my authentic recommendations for beauty products + clothing brands during this course.


- l'Art de VIVRE e-book outlining all of the lessons from the course, including step-by-step how-to's.

- 90 minutes of videos created for you in + around Paris, in which I discuss the above topics and provide you with real-life examples ( FRENCH + FRENCH-inspired beauty favorites*, hair-styling techniques, putting together an outfit the French way*, how to pack like a French minimalist, how to prepare an apéro, etc. ).

- 1 hour of audio materials for study + practice, going over the very basics of French + the terms that you will hear me use from time-to-time in the course. PLEASE NOTE that speaking French ( or wanting to learn ) is not a prerequisite for this class. However, the passionate Francophone in me wouldn't be happy unless I knew that I had shown you how to say 'Veuve Clicquot', 'Givenchy' or 'champagne', the French way, as well as order 'un café crème' in Paris!

- 2 live group calls for Q + A with me about anything covered in class or beyond, as related to French living, including my personal style advice for you.

- Private class Facebook page ( you will love your new favorite Francophile community! ).

- I will also use my weekly French content roundup newsletter ( French Weekend - sign up for yours for free on the site! ) to facilitate discussions and to point out real-life examples of the elements of French style covered in the course.

**Yours for life.


You will receive your first lesson from my l'Art de VIVRE e-book + invitation to join the Facebook page via email on Saturday, August 12th. 

Every Saturday, you will receive that week's lesson from my e-book, as well as the audio + video materials for that week.

The 2 group Q + A calls will be scheduled once registration is full in an effort to meet the needs of the class’ overall location. They will be accessible locally and their recordings will be sent to you the following day.

Estimated weekly time commitment: This course is about love, life + style, the French way ... so let's take it easy, French style ;) Watching the videos and enjoying the Facebook group fully will need just an hour a week. But, I promise that you will catch yourself incorporating the concepts and playing around with your style after! How much time you choose to spend doing so is up to you. It will feel transformative and refreshing as you discover a new confidence + way of carrying yourself in the world.


PLEASE NOTE that as this course is delivered digitally, there are no refunds. Kindly enjoy the above free audio and video materials and visit my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud accounts for more free content to determine if I am the right coach for you before making your purchase.

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