July Membership

July Membership



  • each month, Carrie Anne shares one of her favorite, less-known spots in Paris

  • a lesson in French grammar suitable for all levels EXCEPT complete beginners (past lessons have included : lui and leur, the subjunctive, the gender of French nouns, en, the future tense and l’accord - available for purchase below)

  • an inspiring idea for your personal development through the lens of French culture

  • the ‘Speaking List’ : your pronunciation practice for the month

  • an e-book outlining the above lessons

  • an audio that feels like an inspiring podcast and contains the month’s grammar and culture lessons

  • a second audio for practicing your Speaking List

  • access to Carrie Anne for questions concerning the month’s content

  • Carrie Anne’s replies to the group’s questions and comments in a third audio (delivered to your inbox on the 15th ; questions and comments must be received by the 11th)

  • YOUR SOLUTION to finally learning French, to staying connected to French language and culture - the only way that you will not learn French is if you stop trying …

Want a taste of the French is Beautiful Monthly Membership? Please find one of November’s three audios below :

November Pronunciation

Read what Members are saying below!

The monthly membership is inspiring, curated content that enriches my French journey. The language and culture lessons are insightful. Carrie Anne encourages you with the difficult concepts and pronunciations. It is lovely, challenging and fun!

- Ariana, Texas

It’s like Deepak Chopra teaching French.

- Melanie, New York

Carrie Anne is a great teacher, she guides you through all facets of French. She makes you believe in yourself. Her style of presentation is so refreshing and enlightening.

- Sandy, San Francisco

Each month I look forward to the French is Beautiful Monthly Membership. Carrie Anne provides clear and concise written and audio instruction in a way that stretches her students, but never overwhelms. No matter where you are in your French studies, the monthly membership topics will keep you engaged and learning!

- Bonnie, New York

Carrie Anne provides a most thoughtful, thorough and inspiring French course. I will definitely be continuing my monthly membership!

- Madeleine, Australia

A game changer for studying French and personal development. I look forward to it every day . Carrie Anne truly embodies French is Beautiful.

- Monica, New York

Carrie Anne is excellent. Her courses are like visiting a dear friend and unexpectedly you’ve just become immersed with her in France. The monthly membership offers so much content, it’s affordable and keeps me on track in my French Journey! I can’t say enough about her graciousness, skills and insight!

- Sandy, San Francisco

The French is Beautiful monthly membership has brought so much value and inspiration to me, more than any other web or podcast materials I have tried. It's fun and engaging, as Carrie Anne breathes life into studying French, making the gap between where I am now and where I want to be an exciting one to explore! Receiving the emails feels like opening a gift with surprising new content each month and I feel part of an awesome international community of like-minded souls. Carrie Anne is the teacher you wish you had tutoring you every day, but the monthly is a pretty good compromise. Thanks, Carrie Anne, for changing my mindset around studying French.

- Rachel, Australia

Carrie Anne has provided an accessible way for busy working people to study French for passion. This course means I can study every day in my car & at the gym. I don't feel stressed with the limitations of getting to a class. It is learning for the digital age.

- Katie, Australia

The monthly membership has been everything I knew it would be from taking other courses with Carrie Anne ... and then even more!!! She presents so much valuable content and then always adds extra. I am grateful to Carrie Anne for her generosity in offering such incredible value for the money. She truly understands the challenges an Anglophone faces in learning to speak French fluidly and gently guides us on our journey in her own unique manner. I am excited to see what she has in store for us in ‘novembre’.

- Peg, Connecticut

I am LOVING this! Wow, we are getting so much for this membership. So many great lessons already with just « en ». I was surprised and thrilled at how much you’re giving for that price. 

- Lauri, New York

Not even through the audios yet and I have chills! Learning so much! It’s a great program! I can’t wait to see what is up for next month.

- Kieran, Paris

The monthly membership has been the best way to practice my French on a regular basis. Because it's not for beginners, we are able to dive into concepts that build on the knowledge I already have. I've been reminded of concepts, but I've also learned practical things not taught in a traditional course. I couldn't recommend it more highly!

- Marina, Missouri

I was absolutely NOT expecting this! There is a TON of material here. This program is an incredible value for the money!! I hope people realize how generous this is...and you are!

- Rebecca, Oxford

I love to listen to Carrie Anne's soothing voice speaking clearly and eloquently to guide my pronunciation and understanding!

- Jennifer, Los Angeles

NOTE : The e-book and audios of past months’ content are available in a self-study format for $55. The archived éditions do not include access to Q&A with Carrie Anne. Q&A access is for current Members only. Past months’ content includes (links embedded below) :

février 2019 : this lesson on the subjunctive is filled with A-HA moments

janvier 2019 : excerpts from Carrie Anne’s l'Art de Vivre French culture & personal development series PLUS her unique study method for your French success

décembre 2018 - lui & leur plus a mini-course on champagne AND a how-to for a proper French celebratory apéritif

novembre 2018 - la liaison practice and how to memorize the gender of French nouns

octobre 2018 - the magical beauty and utility of en

The French is Beautiful Monthly Membership -

your way to stay connected to your French, to learn new concepts and to reacquaint yourself with familiar ones.

Each month will explore a theme of French grammar, French pronunciation or French listening comprehension. Your audios and their accompanying e-book (their notes in PDF form) will be delivered to your inbox on the 1st of every month when each new topic is revealed. Created for you in Paris by Carrie Anne, she will respond to the group’s most common emailed questions in an audio delivered to you on the 15th of each month.

Kindly enjoy testimonials from students who have experienced Carrie Anne’s coaching style below : 

Carrie Anne is extremely genuine. Her work and class content is thoughtful, engaging and tasteful. I’ve grown to expect nothing but the best from her.

- Bonnie, New York

It’s like Deepak Chopra teaching French.

- Melanie, New York

French is Beautiful has re-inspired my love of French! And more importantly, Carrie Anne's teaching approach equips students not only with the knowledge we need but the confidence to begin speaking again! I couldn't be more thankful for all I have learned and know I will continue to learn!

- Elizabeth, Chicago

After six years of taking French lessons, I still did not feel comfortable speaking the language. I came across Carrie Anne's daily pronunciation emails, and after a few days, I knew that her program was exactly what I was missing. My ability to speak French has improved dramatically! The French teach French in a methodical way that isn't really practical for making everyday conversation, while Carrie Anne's approach works from day one. If you want to learn the language, French is Beautiful is the way to do it.

- Jordan, New York

Learning French should not be a chore and it isn't with Carrie Anne. She has taught me to slow down and enjoy my journey with the French language.  

- Sarah, Chicago

Carrie Anne makes learning and brushing up on French enjoyable. I started the Comprehensive course in early August and studied when I had time throughout the week. I found the way she created the material to be enjoyable and so helpful to making me feel confident in my ability to speak French. I would truly recommend this to anyone looking to connect and enhance their French speaking skills!

- Katie, Chicago

What a joy it is to study with Carrie Anne and remember all that initially drew me to French, France and her marvelous people!

- Rebecca, UK

If Paris is a moveable feast, then Carrie Anne is the Michelin starred chef of French teachers. I have been lucky enough to spend the past three months studying with Carrie Anne. It is such a breakthrough to listen to Radio France or watch a movie in French and begin to know what is being said. It is a dream come true to order in a restaurant or be understood when asking a question while traveling in France. This framework provides an amazing foundation I can build upon and continue moving forward in my French Journey. And thanks to Carrie Anne, I have come to see that it is a journey. As an adult learner I am coming to terms with the challenges of incorporating the class into my daily life and it has become the thing I do for me that breathes beauty into my day. Merci mille fois Carrie Anne !

- Pat, Maryland

New to her coaching style? Want a taste? S’il vous plaît, enjoy these:

FREE LIVE Coaching Call recording: click HERE.

FREE Audio lesson: from Basics for Beginners, click HERE

FREE Audio lesson: The 6 French R’s, click HERE

A refreshing + effective approach to teaching French from an American who became fluent in French through classroom studies + living in France.


Audio materials (including lesson notes, pronunciation exercises and listening comprehension practice)

E-book (each month’s lesson notes and exercises in PDF form)

Who is it for?

This course is for every student of the most beautiful language on Earth looking for additional practice and study guidance.

Who is it not for?

This course is not for complete beginners. Check out Basics for Beginners or private coaching with Carrie Anne if you are completely new to learning French.


Access: Lifetime

Duration: This is a monthly membership with a new topic in French grammar / listening comprehension / speaking presented each month.

Content delivery: You will receive each month’s materials via email on the 1st of the month. On the 15th of each month, you will receive Carrie Anne’s audio response to the group’s most common questions emailed to her.

Commitment time: 90 minutes per month recommended

Level: Knowledge of basic French recommended. Our Basics for Beginners program is the perfect prep course.

Audio: 3 audio tracks delivered per month - one explaining the accompanying notes on the month’s topic, one containing listening / speaking practice and one containing Carrie Anne’s responses to the most common of the topic-related questions sent to her by email before the 11th of each month.

E-book: Containing the notes and exercises related to the current month’s topic.


As a fluent non-native speaker who spent years in the classroom learning French grammar and later studying French literature at U.C. Berkeley and La Sorbonne, as well as classical piano at L'École Normale de Musique in Paris before obtaining real-world fluency, she knows precisely which aspects of the French language are perceived to be the most difficult and which aspects of French culture are the most mystifying. Carrie Anne focuses on those aspects in order to coach you to feeling fluent and expressing your full personality in French as quickly as possible. 


- How long does the membership run? This is a monthly membership with a new topic in French grammar / listening comprehension / speaking presented each month.

- How much time do I need to set aside for the membership? We suggest setting aside 90 minutes of enjoyment per month.

- Is there homework? Oui, reading as well as written / listening / speaking practice exercises accompany each month’s topic.

- Will I be graded? Non.

- Will I receive personalized feedback on my work and progress? Non, but we welcome you to share your experience with Carrie Anne on social media or in the private Facebook group for French is Beautiful alumni.

- Do I need to be online at certain times in order to participate? No. The beauty of this membership is that you can take the materials with you to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection.

- Will I have access to all of the course's content at once? You will receive each month’s materials on the 1st of the month. You will receive the audio response to the most common of the group’s questions on the 15th of each month.

- Do I need to already know French to participate? If so, how much? Knowledge of the basics is recommended. If you would like to learn the basics (or review them as a first step towards getting back into your French), then kindly have a look at our Basics for Beginners program. 

- What if I don't love it? As this course is delivered completely digitally, returns and/or refunds are not available. We encourage you to enjoy all of the available free content on this site, including our InstagramFacebookTwitter and SoundCloud accounts for more free content, to determine if Carrie Anne’s method and coaching style are right for you before making your purchase. The Université 1 & 2 programs come with a first lesson trial offer.

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