Le Passé Composé & L'Imparfait


Le Passé Composé & L'Imparfait


Perfectly Imperfect: A LOVE STORY.

From the French is Beautiful MINI-COURS SERIES, created to build your confidence with and understanding of the perfectly imperfect dance between le passé composé and l'imparfait. Just kick back, schedule 2 hours of 'me time' during your weekend and let me take care of the rest.... Because 'French time' is the new 'me time' ;)

Who is this course for?

Busy lovers of the French language whose tongue ties up when faced with telling stories or relaying information in the past tense. 

How does it work?

You will receive your audio links via email. The transcript and accompanying notes and exercises are contained in your Course Manual. Designed to be completed over the course of a weekend, but intended to be used at your pace.

Le Mini-Cours includes: 

Course Manual and 90 minutes of audio guidance containing exercises and examples pinpointing potential 'translation trap' slips and highlighting the path to having a more intuitive, native understanding of not just when one tense is preferred over another, but, more importantly, how it changes the atmosphere surrounding communication.

This program will give you...

An elevated and more intuitive understanding of the true meaning behind each of these essential tenses beyond the often over-simplified explanation of 'ongoing vs. finished action'.

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