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French Pronunciation


Say Bon, C'est Bon

Say Bon, C'est Bon is a self-study French pronunciation audio course for anyone wishing to speak French with a natural, accurate and beautiful accent. Focused on effortless pronunciation of the most common sound patterns in French, Say Bon, C'est Bon is designed to be enjoyed over ten days, yet intended to be used at your own pace. The special bonus track French Brands & Proper Names is included for those ready to stop feeling tongue-tied (or embarrassed!) every time they talk about French fashion or their last trip to France.

Topics include: 

Mastering the French R, pronouncing French vowels easily (ou vs. u, en vs. un, etc.), loving the la liaison (the reason that everything sounds beautiful in French - and the reason that it can be so challenging to understand), as well as vocabulary building techniques, tools for remembering the genders of French nouns and simple tricks for sounding French.

Course includes: 

10 lessons & 1 bonus lesson, each with their corresponding audio recording, containing pronunciation demonstrations and practice exercises. Your Course Workbook outlines each audio’s lesson notes, sound patterns and transcript.


2+ hours of audio instruction

19 page Course Workbook (in PDF form)

Who is it for?

This self-study audio program is for everyone looking to pronounce French naturally, comfortably and accurately. For anyone ready to master the French R and to speak the most beautiful language on earth beautifully.

Who is it not for?

This digital audio self-study program is not for anyone looking for a French grammar course. Check out Comprehensive if that is what you are looking for.

Enjoy the following free bonus audio I created to get you started (its transcript can be found in your Course Workbook): 

French Brands + Proper Names

Want a bigger taste of my pronunciation tips for free? Check out the 400+ mini audio lessons on my SoundCloud channel.

The course’s workbook contains the audio transcripts & notes for the following lessons:


How to Pronounce French Naturally, Beautifully and Accurately

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The 6 French R's

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The Standard Vowels

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The Soft Consonants

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The 'Mini-syllable'

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The Silent Consonant Endings

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The Liaison

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The Long Vowels

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


The Small Consonants

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


True Friends (and some Acquaintances)

Vocabulary-Building Tips & Tricks

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


French Brands and Proper Names

+ audio recording and accompanying transcript


Access: Lifetime

Duration: Divided into 10 sections (plus one bonus section), it is designed to be used at your own pace.

Content delivery: All 10 lessons & bonus lesson will be delivered via email ( 1 lesson per day ).

Commitment time: 30 minutes minimum per lesson recommended

Level: Complete beginner - Advanced

Audio: 2+ hours of audio instruction divided into 10 pronunciation lessons & your bonus audio French Brands & Proper Names

Course Workbook: 19-pages containing your audio recordings’ transcripts, lesson notes, pronunciation explanations and my best tips for pronouncing French naturally, beautifully and accurately.


As a fluent non-native speaker who spent years in the classroom learning French grammar and later studying French literature at U.C. Berkeley and La Sorbonne, as well as classical piano at L'École Normale de la Musique in Paris before obtaining real-world fluency, I know precisely which aspects of the French language are perceived to be the most difficult. I focus on those aspects in order to coach you to feeling fluent and expressing your full personality in French as quickly as possible. 


- How long does the course run?  Divided into 10 lessons (plus one bonus lesson), with over 2 hours of audio instruction and interactive practice exercises, it is designed to be used at your own pace.

- How much time do I need to set aside for the course? I suggest setting aside 30 minutes of study per lesson, plus 10 minutes of speaking practice per day thereafter upon completion of the course (the more you practice, the better your results will be).

- Is there homework? Oui, there are interactive pronunciation practice exercises in the course's audio tracks.

- Will I be graded? Non. I suggest recording yourself as you practice with the interactive audio exercises with me to witness your progress. You will feel like you deserve an A+ upon feeling light years more at ease when pronouncing words in French.

- Will I receive personalized feedback on my work and progress? Yes, if you attend the coaching calls live. Otherwise, for personalized pronunciation feedback, please consider a private coaching session with me.

- Do I need to be online at certain times in order to participate? No (unless if you wish to attend the coaching calls live). The beauty of this self-study course is that you can take it with you to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection, as the majority of its content is audio recordings that can be listened to with your mobile phone or at your laptop.

- I'm not ready to sign-up now. When will this course be offered again? Pas de problème. You can purchase the course at any time as a self-study program.

- Will I have access to all of the course's content at once? No, the content is delivered each day of the 10 day course.

- Do I need to already know French to participate? If so, how much? None whatsoever. This self-study program is designed for all levels of French students with a desire to speak French more naturally, beautifully and accurately. If you would also like to learn the basics (or review them as a first step towards getting back into your French), then kindly have a look at our Basics for Beginners program. 

- When will I be able to speak French with a French accent? Très bonne question. Speaking French with a perfectly French accent requires extensive study, and repeated exposure to la langue française, accompanied by dialect coaching. However, pronouncing French beautifully and accurately with a charming accent can be achieved upon completion of this program and repeated daily practice with the included audios for at least 10 minutes a day over a period of 3 months or more.

- What if I don't love it? As this course is delivered in-full upon purchase, and completely digitally, returns and/or refunds are not available. I encourage you to enjoy all of the available free content on this site, including our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud accounts for more free content, to determine if my method and coaching style are right for you before making your purchase. The Université 1 & 2 programs come with a first lesson trial offer.

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