Université Part 1 (3 months)


Université Part 1 (3 months)



Prefer not to wait? The digital version will be available soon, and at a lower price point (as it will not include my feedback throughout the program). You will receive the 3 months of inspiring content from the last round that was hosted live online. All content is delivered at one time via email (minus access to that group's private Facebook page).

Kindly email me at carrieannejames@gmail.com before purchasing so that I can understand your goals and inspiration and so that I can ensure that this investment will be a prosperous fit for your French Journey. And we will be sharing a journey together, so it feels right to get to know one another a bit, non ? ;)

An in-depth way to experience my Levels 1 - 3 courses plus group coaching with me, this is a three month online digital course designed to guide you to feeling fluent quickly and gracefully, covering only the most relevant points of modern French language and at a pace that integrates easily into your busy life. The estimated weekly time commitment for this course is 3 hours.

Course includes:

6 videos from my Feel Parisian series showcasing la vie parisienne (my favorite spots in Paris, related vocabulary and my reflections on French culture) and one 11 minute verb training audio + one 11 minute grammar coaching audio delivered to you digitally every Saturday. The Université Part 1 private Facebook group, where you will find additional content and, most importantly, your new Francophile friends community where you can share your inspiration for learning French with eachother and support eachother in the homework (graduates of the program have lifetime access to the group). One live 90 minute group coaching call per month accessible locally throughout the world, 2 Paris Meditation audios (a guided walk through the City of Lights incorporating le français), your Course Manual (containing lecture notes as well as written, listening and speaking assignments) and Listening Notes for my free weekly French Weekend email (custom-curated by me, a digital French culture immersion experience with film clips, interviews, radio stations, news, blogs, music, poetry and more). You will receive my personal feedback on two pronunciation exercise audios, for which you record yourself speaking and send it to me - this is the part of the course that people love the most - they make incredible leaps in their pronunciation progress this way. Includes access to technical support.

Course curriculum:


In the first three months, we lay the foundations for Part 2. We cover verb conjugations, pronunciation, question words, the gender of French nouns, basic travel French, greetings & French manners, definite & indefinite articles, slang, adjectives and vocabulary building (including faux amis et vrais amis - false cognates & true cognates).


In Part 2, we dive into the details together. Starts in September 2017.

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