U N I V E R S I T É : automne - hiver

October 7th - December 29th, 2017


First, before we dive into the details of this 3 month journey together discovering France, her language + her culture, a word from an UNIVERSITÉ graduate . . . 

'And if Paris is a moveable feast, then Carrie Anne is the Michelin-starred chef of French teachers.
I have been lucky enough to spend the past three months studying with Carrie Anne in the Université 1 class. While this is not my first class with Carrie Anne and her French is Beautiful programs, it is this class that has had the biggest impact to date on my dream of speaking French. It is such a breakthrough to listen to Radio France or watch a movie in French and begin to know what is being said. It is a dream come true to order in a restaurant or be understood when asking a question while traveling in France.
The combination of the weekly class materials and their corresponding instruction, the coaching calls and the amazingly supportive private Facebook group along with the personal touch and input of Carrie Anne makes this a class like no other.
  This framework provides an amazing foundation that I can build upon and continue moving forward in my French Journey. And thanks to Carrie Anne, I have come to see that it is a 'journey'. As an adult learner I am coming to terms with the challenges of incorporating the class into my daily life and it has become the thing I do for me that breathes beauty into my day.
I am already looking forward to Université 2. Merci mille fois, Carrie Anne!'
- Pat S.

The J O U R N E Y :

( This course will be offered in a digital self-study format, without the coaching calls or Facebook Group, in 2018; kindly email me for pre-order info. )

Mes chères amies,

This is not a static French grammar class - this is a journey through France, her culture + her language, ultimately leading you inward towards the fulfillment of your French Dreams. The following description is detailed and deep - grab your café crème, your coupe de champagne or your verre de vin rouge, sit back + let all of the below information and materials soak in as you picture yourself feeling closer than you imagined possible to everything French upon your completion of this three month journey.

I hope that you will join me, join your new favorite Francophile community. The only requirement is 'élégance de cœur' ( in the words of my hero, Yves Saint Laurent ) + a willingness to make French part of your daily life. 

You will leave this experience with a newly-adopted Learning Lifestyle, a more authentic connection to your French and a sense of empowerment that comes from studying, loving, speaking and living French.

And be sure to continue down to the very bottom of this page for a few inspiring gifts intended to guide you ahead on your French Journey, from me to you ;)

Avec mes sincères salutations,

Carrie Anne ( le 1 octobre 2017 à Bordeaux )

The C O N T E N T :

Kindly find samples of the course's content below for your enjoyment!

And enroll now + receive your bonus C A D E A U X ( gifts ) when you sign-up for any of the U N I V E R S I T É options at the bottom of this page :

- My latest Paris is Amazing guidebook ( novembre 2017 )

- My new '30 V E R B E S, 30 jours' audio program ( novembre 2017 )

- My l'art de V I V R E e-book ( novembre 2017 ) ... the text from my August online French culture class : LOVE, WELLNESS, BEAUTY + STYLE, à la française ( the French way )

The audio, written and video materials, coaching calls + the time I dedicate to the Facebook Group are valued at over $950; I‘ve lowered the price point to make it more accessible - part of my mission in creating these courses is also building community ( you will love the new Francophile friends that you will make in your class' Facebook page ). 

 - 12 videos from my Feel Parisian + France is Beautiful series showcasing la vie parisienne ( my favorite spots in Paris + some of my favorite spots in France at large ), plus related vocabulary and my reflections on French culture ... Find two examples below :

My favorite spots in the 6th arrondissement

A visit to Versailles

- 12 verb + grammar practice audios ... Find examples below :

Level 1

Level 2

- 3 live 60+ minute group coaching calls + Q&A with me ( the recordings of which are yours to keep forever ), including guided Paris walks from my Paris Méditations series ( incorporating le français ), accessible locally throughout the world ... Find examples of these calls below :

How to Learn FrenchThe Paris Lessons, French Pronunciation

- Workbook ( in PDF form ) sent to you in weekly installments ( containing lecture notes as well as written, listening and speaking assignments + my culture + travel insights ) ... Find an excerpt from my personal insights below :

Les Fleurs de cerisier

‘Être parisien, ce n'est pas être né à Paris, c'est y renaître.’ - Sacha Guitry

The English word cherry derives from the French word cerise ( from Old Northern French cherise ). It’s that time of year that talk of Paris buzzes with cherry blossom sightings, with plans for shared Hanami ( the Japanese tradition of picnicking under a sakura, or, un cerisier ). My favorite places to enjoy the cherry blossoms are the south side of Notre-Dame ( the first place that I remember seeing them in Paris ) and at le square Gabriel-Pierné ( a tiny park located behind l’Institut de France, home of the library that I love to work at, la Bibliothèque Mazarine ). But, let us not forget the gigantesque blooming white cerisier ( and its not far-off pink sister ) in le Jardin des Plantes. I love the cerisiers, not only for their beauty, but because they are not native to Paris and couldn’t be more Parisian. And like many things in France, chasing les fleurs de cerisier beyond the surface, beyond the obvious places, will reward you with a magical adventure. Le Parc de Sceaux, located just 11km south of Paris, is the home of over 150 cerisiers ( cerisiers roses au nord, cerisiers blancs au sud ). Created in 1670 by André Le Nôtre ( a French landscape architect and the principal gardener of Louis XIV, he designed the park at the Palace of Versailles ) for Jean Baptiste Colbert ( the Minister of the Finances of France under Louis XIV ). In Japan, cherry blossoms are celebrated as a symbol of the ethereal nature of life. We celebrate the cherry blossoms in Paris as they represent that elusive notion of perfection, that one spectacle that remains beyond our control; they are nature’s way of ( French ) kissing Paris and reminding us of the quiet spiritual beauty that sleeps sweetly between and within her lights, her monuments, her bridges, ses terrasses et son peuple.

- Homework ... Find samples from Levels 1 + 2 below :

Level 1 :

Please write the French equivalent of the following & pay attention to the indefinite & definite articles :

the best champagne

a pretty girl

their beautiful clothes

my new friend ( masculine )

this good wine

Level 2 :

 *be prepared to answer the question ‘Tu fais quoi dans la vie ? / Qu’est-ce que tu fais comme métier ?’ during our call;

*practice with this week’s Les 5 verb audio ( filling in the English translations ) and grammar audio.

- My personal feedback on one pronunciation exercise audio during the course, for which you will record yourself speaking and send it to me ( the part of the course that people love the most - they make incredible leaps in their pronunciation progress this way );

- Private class Facebook page ( you will love your new favorite Francophile community where you can share your inspiration for learning French with eachother and support eachother in the homework; graduates of the program have lifetime access to the group ) ... Click HERE to view the bienvenue ( welcome ) video from my current course's page;

- I will also use my weekly French content roundup newsletter, FRENCH Weekend, to facilitate discussions and ways to make French part of your everyday life in our class’ private Facebook page;

- 'Pause Café' quiz emails sent to you Monday - Friday. You receive a translation exercise followed by the answer a few hours later ( example : How would you say 'an exceptional woman' or 'I knew it!' or 'I love champagne!' in French? );

- Eligibility for the French is Beautiful mentoring program - be paired with another student + teach eachother, learn from eachother, keep eachother accountable + stay inspired ( and an invitation to the secret Facebook community of former students ).

The T O P I C S :

Should you wish to discuss which level would suit your goals best, you are welcome to contact me directly to discuss at any point this week.

Level 1

- verb conjugations ( present tense, l'imparfait, le passé composé, le futur proche + a first taste of the subjunctive )

- pronunciation tips + beginning drills

- negation

- question words

- the gender of French nouns

- travel French

- intro to prepositions

- greetings & French manners

- definite & indefinite articles

- slang

- adjectives

- vocabulary building techniques ( including faux amis et vrais amis - false cognates & true cognates )

Level 2

- pronunciation in further detail ( the art of la liaison )

- l'accord

- the pronouns y en


- the future tense

- direct object pronouns + indirect object pronouns

- the dynamic dance between le passé composé + l'imparfait

the subjunctive in deeper detail

- the conditional + the plus-que-parfait tenses

- reflexive verbs

- advanced social French ( never feel nervous when engaged in a conversation en français again! )

The D E L I V E R Y :

- You will receive your invitation to join the Facebook page via email on Saturday, October 7th.

- Every Saturday, you will receive the audio + video materials for that week, in additional to that week's installment of your Workbook.

- Quiz emails will be sent to you every week, Monday - Friday.

- The three L I V E group Coaching Calls will be scheduled at the start of each month based upon a poll of the class' availability; the recording will be sent to you the following day ( you can email me your questions ahead of time or post them in the Facebook Group if you have to miss a call ).

Your O P T I O N S :

+ ACCENT coaching + personalized FEEDBACK

All of the above-mentioned course content in addition to my weekly written feedback on your speaking / written assignments during the timeframe of the course delivered by email. My years of experience coaching French enable me to give you the shortcuts necessary to get over the blocks that have been slowing you down on your French Journey ( how I love to call our lifelong love story with the most beautiful language on Earth! ) as related to grammar, speaking + pronunciation.

We will collaborate together through your audio recordings ( recorded on your smartphone or computer and sent to me via email / Whatsapp / iMessage / Dropbox / WeTransfer - however is easiest for you ). I will help you make the simple adjustments that create major progress as I sculpt your accent and guide you to speaking French beautifully + fluidly.

Every week, I will sit with all of your homework ( written and recorded ) and thoughtfully write out my feedback on the areas that are standing out as challenges - both with grammar and pronunciation.

Student have shared with me that they feel as if I am sitting in the room with them as they read it - that’s how detailed and personal it is. I clear my schedule to be able to sit with your work + focus on your progress every Monday. Please find excerpts from actual client feedback below :

Example 1

Audio :

Your voice is just so naturally-suited to French. You sound lovely - relaxed, taking your time, relishing in the rich, smooth consonants and giving proper emphasis to the vowel sounds. Brava!

Your ‘u’ vowel sound needs just a touch of sculpting (your ‘du’ was SPOT ON) - it is very close to the texture of the French ‘u’. Remember that you want the ‘u’ sound in ‘du’, ‘rue’, ‘une’, etc., to rhyme.

In ‘je vous en prie’, your ‘je’ rhymes with ‘les’ ( it shouldn't ). 

Your French is so gentle, you are one of the few people that I’ve had to tell to make their ‘r’ thicker (which is much easier than lightening it, so be happy for that!). I want to hear that raspy, fogging up your glasses sound more, especially in your ‘merci’ and your ‘bonjour’.

In your ‘bonjour’, remember that the second syllable has the same vowel sound as ‘vous’. Yours sounds a little like ’bonjeur’.

In ‘feuille’, listen to the audio again and practice it with me - it should sound like ‘foy-yuh’.

Example 2

Audio : 

You sound so at ease - do you realize how quickly you are speaking? You sound really fluid. Overall, you could bring the volume down a tiny bit and that would help you to string the words together even more smoothly.

Per your email, j’adore - oui, you pronounced the ’t’ in ‘maintenant’ and said the ’s’ in ‘mes’ - this is so very wonderful that you heard it yourself!

And of course there are some new things that need to be adjusted now - that is normal - one thing gets ‘corrected’ and something else falls slightly off course ;) This happens to everyone, don’t fret. 

Please see my notes below and have one more listen / practice session this weekend - no need to re-record!

il faisait - sounds like ‘il fasait’ now

dans - we do not pronounce the ’s’ unless it is before a word that starts with a vowel

pendant - never pronounce the ’t’ (you pronounce it a tiny bit the first time it appears)

que j’aidais - your ‘que’ sound like ‘kay’

a general tip that I have given everyone that I thought that you would find useful, too : remember that words like ‘appartient’, ‘un’, ‘jardin’, ‘mince’ and ‘quatre-vingts’ each end in a tight, short, slightly nasally vowel sound - imitate mine.

Example 3

First of all - excellent job keeping up with the devoirs, ma belle ! 

You did great with these - yes, some spelling mistakes in the dictée, but that is part of what it is there for - to show you how you are hearing French vs. what is being said.

Use your corrected responses now as a study tool to really memorize those small details (accents, conjugations, etc.).

A couple of notes in your exercises correction :

to be late = être en retard (memorize this!)

never ‘ma maison’ unless you are talking specifically about something to do with the house, physically (my house = chez moi = to my house = at my house = in my house)

A couple of notes in your dictée :

on 4, be careful as you wrote ‘soir’ and it should be ‘sois’

on 8, ‘venus’ (you wrote ‘venu’) because ‘ils’ is plural

I had a great chuckle with 9, as you wrote ‘con est’ for ‘connais’, which means ‘idiot is’ ;)

être en avance = opposite of ‘être en retard’

I so appreciated your comment on being afraid at the thought of being in a small French village where you are forced to speak French - this would be the best thing ever for you, for your French and for your French Journey in general :) I believe in you, ma belle !

VIDEOS only :

Suggested for UNIVERSITÉ graduates + new élèves eager to taste the French is Beautiful experience for the first time. You will discover Paris, Bordeaux + beyond with relevant French language lessons, travel tips + my unique cultural insights through this original 12 part vidéo series.

Enjoy the samples of past videos above!

Your F R E E gifts :

- What is l'AMOUR ? I asked a French woman + a French man this question + filmed their answers ( with subtitles ). Click HERE.

- from my Dream in French audio series : The French R

- audio : Basics for Beginners

- audio : The 6 French R’s

- video : A Walk Along the Seine

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Level 2 : pay in full and save $150

Level 2 + F E E D B A C K : monthly installments

Level 2 + F E E D B A C K : pay in full and save $150

V I D É O S only

You can become fluent in French, just as I did. Let me show you the way . . .

PLEASE NOTE that as this course is delivered digitally, there are no refunds. Kindly enjoy the above free audio and video materials and visit my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud accounts for more free content to determine if I am the right coach for you before making your purchase.

Merci de tout cœur !